Freedom Coop Tools

OCP & Alternative Banking

Open Collaborative Platform (OCP)

The first step to become a member of Freedom Coop is to join our Open Collaborative Platform, fill out the form and follow the instructions.
The form is here: // 

The OCP is the key organizational tool we offer to individuals, collectives, and management inside Freedom Coop.

The OCP can be used to:
    • Boost open collaborative projects between people in different places.
    • Manage open collective projects and their members by setting up task forces.
    • Account the time spent by every member to use it as a base of income distribution and a way of self-actualization for any project.
    • Execute a quarterly fee and tax distribution between Freedom Coop and their members.
    • Manage an online Faircoin wallet to accept and make payments.
    • Create the base for the alternative System through the available Faircoin Wallets.

Alternative Banking

Freedom Coop provides an alternative banking tool for members with economic activity. This specific bank account has crucial features for our system.

This alternative banking tool can be used to:
      • receive payments from the current system (bank transfers, credit/debit cards etc.) and convert it directly into Faircoin.
      • Autonomously manage economic projects with your bank account, for example to pay providers and be paid by clients, thus creating an international/European/local relationship beyond the control of the financial system.
      • Organize specific crowdfunding campaigns for any group outside state control.

Furthermore, you can use the VAT number of the Freedom Coop for invoicing the good and services offered through Freedom Coop and for request receipts.