Frequently Asked Questions


1. General info

What is FreedomCoop?

FreedomCoop is a European Cooperative Society that provides its members with the possibility to use it to buy and sell products and services or manage their own projects without the need to be registered as legal entities themselves for these activities in their country.

Where can I get more information about FairCoin?

FairCoin is the cryptocurrency that is used within FreedomCoop to pay fees, and of course as a normal currency for making purchases, to pay people for their work, etc. (in these cases you can choose between a fiat currency like the Euro, or FairCoin. The more we use FairCoin, the sooner we can have a viable alternative to the current financial system. If you are new and don‘t know much about Faircoin you may like to read info here: )   
2. Membership information

How do I become a member?

In order to apply, please fill in this form on our Open Collaborative Platform (OCP) web application.  We will then register you as a candidate member and send you a welcome guide and some information about how to pay the membership fee, thus making you a full member..
If you want to be a self-employed member, you will also need to present the project within OCP in order to be accepted.  There you will also find a welcome group whose members can help with membership issues and technical support. They will help you on your way to becoming a member.
Once you pay the membership contribution we’ll give you full access to our internal online platform, the OCP.  If you are carrying out economic activity, and are invoicing for your work as FreedomCoop, you will also have to pay quarterly fees.

What is a self-employed member?

Members who aren’t registered to legally provide services or trade within their jurisdiction and wish to use FreedomCoop for their invoicing or other kinds of legal cover for their activity. This member has full access to all the tools and resources (OCP project management, bank accounts, etc.). This type of member has to pay the membership contribution and a quarterly fee based on their profits, as explained here.

I carry out an activity that requires a registered address in my country, will FreedomCoop be able to help me?

Yes, FreedomCoop can support you, especially with regard to non-physical economic activities such as online goods or services. But it is also a matter of time, and depends onthe specific country.

We are working towards being able to license for physical activities in any european country. The first step towards this is to legalize our cooperative in each country with a tax number, so that we can then add licenses for the activities needed.

We are working towards being able to license for physical activities in any European country. The first step towards this is to legalize our cooperative in each country by means of a tax number, so that we can then add licenses for the activities needed.
If you have an urgent need to use FreedomCoops infrastructure please contact us directly using the OCP, and we will try to figure out the necessary information through our international network, then tell you when it will be possible to license your economic activity with FreedomCoop.

I'm not self employed: why should I become a member?

Here are some advantages:

  • You can create projects in OCP and use them for your activist organizational process, inviting non-members to join/participate in your projects. Ask for the OCP guide  for more detailed information.
  • You can use the OCP online FairCoin wallet.
  • You can still create invoices if you need them sporadically.

And most importantly, you are contributing towards building this great ecosystem for a new economic system where the needs of humans are in the center.

We are already registered as a legal entity. Is membership still useful?

Yes: together with the OCP and FairCoin wallet applications, we also have a special service for legal entities. This allows you the possibility of making invoices between your entity and FreedomCoop, based on our capacities as a European Cooperative and on your needs for reducing taxes in the circular economy activity at a local level.

This way you are contributing to funding both the local economy and FreedomCoop at the same time. Ask us for more details!

If I have a project outside Europe, is it still useful for me to join?

There are two ways in which FreedomCoop can help projects in other continents. Firstly, in the case of projects that are produced online – or without a public physical activity- or without a public physical activity – you could use the European cooperative’s legal form for invoicing as if you were in EuropeSecondly, you could be interested in selling your goods and services in Europe and join FreedomCoop to make it easier to have a relationship with your European clients. All that, together with the reasons to become a normal member, which have been mentioned before!

If I am self employed, how can I calculate my quarterly fees?

Your fees are based on your profits (incomes minus expenses).
Here is a calculation example for an individual:

2000€/quarterly incomes
-800€/quarterly expenses
=1200€ quarterly profit –> 70€ (58.3 FairCoin) /per quarter

Here is a more complex calculation example for a collective of 3 people (all members of FreedomCoop) making a total profit of 3000 €:

person 1: 1200€ quarterly profit –>70€ (58.3 FairCoin) / per quarter
person 2: 1200€ quarterly profit –>70€ (58.3 FairCoin) / per quarter
person 3: 600€ quarterly profit –> 30€ (25 FairCoin) / per quarter
= 3000€ –> 170€ (141.6 FairCoin) / per quarter

You can see a full table of rates in our management page

What is an OCP member?

An OCP member is a member who only needs to use the OCP to manage their projects. This member pays the initial membership contribution but doesn’t have to pay the quarterly fees

What is a Project participant?

A project participant is a limited user who can be part of OCP in order to participate in tasks as a member of a project that uses FreedomCoop. This participant will be added by the project manager to the project they are going to be part of. Participants don’t have to pay fees.

3. Tools and resources offered by FreedomCoop

What is the OCP?

The Open Collaborative Platform is an operating system for economic networks. Any member can use it to describe, organize and evaluate their projects and the collaborative work they want to do online.
We also use OCP to manage FreedomCoop itself as a project. So we manage the membership process, contributions, and fee payments using OCP in a state of the art manner:  what an open cooperative deserves to become.
OCP facilitates the project’s use of FairCoin to distribute payments for the work they do inside the platform. It is explained in more detail on the tools page

I don't have a bank account. Can I get one from FreedomCoop?

Self-employed members (i.e. people or groups who are going to do economic activity with or without invoicing through FreedomCoop) can ask for a bank account to send and receive payments when their self-employment project is accepted.

Does FreedomCoop offer social security or health insurance?

FreedomCoop doesn’t offer social security or health insurance in the standard way, as we act outside the system as much as possible. What we can provide is the formal cover for using these kinds of system if you take on the responsibility of their costs. In this way you have the choice of contracting it or not – depending on your personal needs and requirements, together with your capability to cover the expenses for it. In any case our capability for covering these specific needs will depend on the structure that we have for the country where you need it.

As our structures grow, we may be able to establish and offer similar services in an alternative way for our members in the future.

4. Political goals

How can FreedomCoop help to build FairCoop's vision of Integral Revolution and a new economic system?

FreedomCoop is the result of the experience of using the tools developed by the Catalan Integral Cooperative for self-employment, which has been practised since 2010. The disobedient use of those tools has become the main strategic development for collecting enough economic resources in order to build the CIC’s process of autonomy.
With FreedomCoop this strategy has now been scaled up to a European level. In that sense one important role envisioned for FreedomCoop is to liberate resources from funding the state and capitalism so that they can instead be used to build self-management processes at a local, regional and global level.
In other words, FairCoop’s actions towards building a new economic system are moving to the next stage with FreedomCoop.
In building towards this collaborative environment we aim to maximize the capacity to support and boost cooperative projects worldwide from local to global projects, and to facilitate collaboration between them.

What does economic disobedience mean?

As disobedients we choose to stop collaborating with the current Capitalist States, which are unfair, and instead begin to contribute towards building their alternative.  Therefore we are committed to use legal tools for avoiding tax payments as much as possible, and instead practice self-taxation in order to create common budgets which can fund projects for the common good, without the hierarchical intermediation of governments.

Is there any legal risk?

When we talk about creating alternatives to the current system, it is possible that the system will try to stop us, and this could involve risks. Therefore it could probably be said that no significant social change can be produced without risk. So, through collective empowerment, solidarity networks, shared knowledge and experience and especially with the support of many people available for defending our actions, we cover our risks well enough.
Besides, in many cases people are already taking on legal risks because for one reason or another they are part of the informal economy (for example, they might offer services without invoicing, do irregular work, they might be migrants, or even belong to other projects that practice economic disobedience). By using FreedomCoop you avoid at least some of the risks, such as the ones related to precarious legal situations, because you will have a community who can help you using a legal infrastructure.