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Local Nodes

Local Nodes are the regional representation of both FreedomCoop and FairCoop and are a very important part of this European Network. Local Node groups do not just represent the people who compose them, but also give feedback to FreedomCoop as a whole. In this way, Local Nodes are able to become an interconnecting doorway between people at the local and global level. Local Nodes can give support for registering new members and carrying out other administrative support tasks for FreedomCoop members in that region. They could arrange regular meetings explaining the advantages and the international infrastructure for a potential new member, or answer general or more specific questions. Gatherings could boost the regional economic impact by being a collaborative starting point between local members.

Membership fee distribution

The collected membership fees will be distributed as follows. 60% will stay in local nodes in order to:

  • Support the spread of the Local Node Network
  • Attract new members, merchants, and consumers who could be interested in FreedomCoop and other alternative economy tools like FairCoin
  • Fund social and alternative projects

In case there is no local node in a specific region the collected member fees will be saved in an account that is managed by the FreedomCoop Administrative Board. If a group of people is then validated to organize a Local Node, the responsibility for managing these funds can be transferred. 40% will be used internationally to:

  • Support the extension of FreedomCoop at a European level by investing in its infrastructure. By doing so every member will profit from a broader international network of professionals, services and products.
  • Cover FreedomCoop administrative and running costs, which will be a fraction of this amount.