Come with us :)


As a member of FreedomCoop you are carrying out a self-employed activity using FreedomCoops legal framework. You – as an individual or collective – can minimize your direct interaction with any nation state concerning employment and administration issues. Therefore you can focus on the really important things – your profession and the development of projects.
To become a member of FreedomCoop the first step is to register on our Open Collaborative Platform and follow the instructions. If you don’t need to use FreedomCoop’s legal framework you can also become a member simply by joining our OCP (Open Collaborative Platform). In this way, you can still take advantage of the collaborative toolkits and participate in multiple projects. Membership would be useful for
  • Self-employed people/projects in general
  • Autonomous projects with collective economic activity
  • Individuals looking for participation in open collaborative projects.
  • Refugees and other people who are struggling to get an official work permission


FreedomCoop can offer the following to its members:

  • The use of a collective tax-ID number in order to write invoices and make purchases. The issued invoices are subject to VAT and not personal income tax because “a legal person” issues the invoices and not an individual.
  • We will take care of accounting and dealings with fiscal authorities related to your activity by means of FreedomCoop’s administration.
  • An easy, fast and uncomplicated procedure to start and run your self-employed activity.
  • A toolkit of alternative banking services for any individual or group.
  • A broad network of resources and tools from the FairCoop ecosystem to which FreedomCoop belongs (such as FairMarketFairCoin, UseFaircoin etc.) which will allow you to connect with members all over the world and help to support your activity.
  • Cheaper products through collective purchases by the cooperative.


Important: Before applying for the membership we recommend to read our FAQ to get a better impression of what FreedomCoop is about and to make sure that we are the right fits  for your needs.