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A European Cooperative Society (SCE) that creates toolkits for self-management, self-employment, economic autonomy and financial disobedience for individuals and groups striving for fairer social and economic relationships. 

What is our mission

To spread the cooperation virus

Our primary goal is to create a legal tool for cooperative work. These are the types of groups and people we are aiming for:
  • If you are in an area where there is no Integral Cooperative, if you or your collective agrees with FairCoop’s principles, you can use our legal identity. 
  • Refugees and paperless migrants across Europe can become self–employed or work with collectives through Freedom Coop outside the control of governments and banks.
What we mean by economic disobedience:
  • Collective purchases with reduced VAT at a regional and European level, which require invoices.
  • Giving legal coverage and the means for self-employment to any European inhabitant who cannot or does not wish to engage in economic activity as an employee.
  • Self-taxation and funding social alternatives instead of paying taxes from profits.
  • Extending the practical use of Faircoin by accepting it for membership fees. Therefore, it will also support the ongoing cooperative hacking of the traditional monetary markets.
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