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We are a European Cooperative Society (SCE) that provides toolkits for self-management, self-employment, economic autonomy and financial disobedience for individuals and groups striving for fairer social and economic relationships. 

Our Mission

To spread the cooperation virus

Our primary goal is to create a legal tool for cooperative work:
  • If you would like to start a european integral cooperative, you can use Freedom Coop’s VAT number and get started.
  • Everybody, including refugees and paperless migrants across Europe, can become self–employed or work with collectives through Freedom Coop and earn a living outside the control and need of governments and banks.
What we mean by economic disobedience:
  • Collective purchases with reduced VAT at a regional and European level, which require invoices.
  • Giving legal coverage and the means for self-employment to any European inhabitant who cannot or does not wish to engage in an economic activity as an employee.
  • Self-taxation and funding social alternatives instead of paying taxes from profits.
  • Extending the practical use of Faircoin by accepting it for membership fees. Therefore, it will also support the ongoing cooperative hacking of the traditional monetary markets.
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